Benefits of Using a One-Stop Car Shop

Benefits of Using a One-Stop Car Shop


How to find your next used car, easily and quickly

When it comes to car buying, you either love it or hate it. The process can often be time consuming, tedious and sometimes costly. But it really doesn’t have to be…

A car is often the second biggest purchase you will likely make, so it needs careful consideration.

In the digital age, potential car buyers have often conducted a good amount of research prior to even entering a car showroom. They have scoured brochures, websites and even read reviews meticulously beforehand. Car buyers may have also consulted friends and colleagues who have their own opinion on specific cars, long before they are even ready to make a purchase.

After all of this research, the customer doesn’t want to be spending time moving from one dealership to another, searching for the car that has peaked their interest; they want to make it as easy as possible to browse the cars, take a test drive and perhaps even complete a purchase, in as little time as possible.

If this sounds like you, there are ways you can make the car buying process as seamless as possible.

Use a One-Stop Car Shop

A one-stop-shop, such as Autoweb, allows you to browse multiple cars, even if you aren’t sure what model is right for you, all in one go. The easy to use filters let you select which make, model, age and price range you require and you will be shown all possible options from dealers across the United Kingdom. Of course, you can choose to stay local with your search, placing a radius around your postcode.

Even if you are still undecided on what make or model is best for you, you can still browse a range of cars within your price range and radius, all from the comfort of your own home.

Not only does Autoweb allow you to view multiple cars in one go, it also allows you to view stock from multiple dealers, so you can look for something that meets your specification.

Once you have narrowed down your selection, you can contact dealerships directly from the platform. From here, you can reserve the vehicle with the dealer, or arrange a video call. This reduces the amount of time spent visiting dealerships and taking time out of your day.

Consider Visiting a Used Car Supermarket

If you’d prefer to actually visit the dealership itself, choosing to visit a used car supermarket can save you a lot of time. At a used car supermarket, you’ll find a range of quality used cars from different manufacturers, all at fantastic prices. 

Because used car supermarkets aren’t a franchised dealer, their used car selections aren’t just narrowed down to the odd part exchange. Car supermarkets look to source quality vehicles, usually with low mileage.

Go Digital

If time is truly of the essence, then going digital might be the perfect solution for you. Whether it’s late evening or on a weekend, you can always make an enquiry, speak to someone on live chat or even reserve a vehicle from the comfort of your own home, at a time to suit you.

There are a number of dealerships such as Perrys who have introduced virtual appointments in order to remain a level of personalised contact with their customers and offer that personal touch. These dealers have large stock inventory so

Find a local dealership

If you are looking for a used car, one of the most suitable options is to visit one of your local dealerships. There are different types of dealerships, from independent used car garages to large multi-franchise groups, all of which usually offer a range of quality used cars from popular manufacturers. Large dealerships are likely to move cars between their multiple locations, so if you can’t find the perfect car for you, the dealership should be able to find something suitable at one of their other locations.

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